Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Opening Day!

Around here we LOVE baseball. We love it so much that Randy is coaching both high school baseball and Autry's T-ball team. Autry's team this year for t-ball is the Yankees. When we first heard this I thought, "oh well, it is just the name of the team." I wish this was true. Autry and Randy now have Yankee hats and Yankee shirts. If they where them anywhere else besides practice people will identify them as Yankee fans. That is embarrassing!
Today is opening day for the Dodgers. I was watching a spring training game the other day and I was watching the players I told Randy, "I feel like I am being reunited with old friends." I love baseball season and I love the Dodgers. For all you Seattle people I still do like the Mariners and route for them in the American League. However, here in the Poor household it is Dodgermaina all year round. Lets go Dodgers, it is your turn to win the pennet this year! Don't let those "stinkin" Giants have another go at it!


Sarah Asay said...

i love how stoked your kids look!!

Ann said...
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