Sunday, December 26, 2010


Autry find his stocking

Claire find her chocolate first and had to eat that before
opening the rest of her stocking
Seconds after Addie finds her stocking

Autry got a new book and immediatly went to sit down and read it

Claire opening her last present with chocolate all over her mouth

Daddy reading one of the new books

One of Addies new animals
Making gingerbread with Daddy on Christmas Morning, one of our
favorite traditions.

Pretty Claire

The kids with their presents. This was the best one even if Gibs is half covered

This is what Claire did all day yesterday (she played with her new ponies)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gibson 4 months

Gingerbread cookies

We made gingerbread cookies this week. Even though I made the cookies with very little sugar and whole wheat flour ( I know my kids are going to tell stories when they are older about how they never got to eat white flour when they were kids, just like we do about my mom). I broke down and let them decorate the cookies with real sugar sprinkles. It was so much fun. When we finished there was dough, flour, and sprinkles covering the floor and the table. It was completely worth it. When I was little making sugar cookies was one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I am so excited to start doing it with our kids. Next year I am even going to get the cookie cutters from my mom that I used when I was little.

Pearl's Birthday Party

On Sunday after the Christmas program, after hanging out at the Beans, we headed over to Pearl's birthday party. The decorated gingerbread houses, it was really fun to see the kids personalities come out as they decorated the houses. Autry carefully and meticulously decorated his entire house from top to bottom, without eating a bite of candy. Clarabelle put random candies and marshmellow haphazardly all over the house, while probably eating more sugar than she has eaten in the entire year. Adelaide didn't care at all about making the gingerbread house and just wanted to eat the goldfish crackers. Gibson just laid on the floor or was held by Randy. It was a fun day full of good friends and fellowship.

Christmas Program

Our Church did their Christmas program this last Sunday. Claire and Autry's class did "Away in a Manger", "Psalm 23", and "Joy to the World". It was really cute. Autry is the main one you can hear in Psalm 23 and is wearing a red and white striped shirt. Claire is wandering around in the back. She is wearing a dress with a black shirt and gold skirt. You can't really see her, except in the very end of away in a manger she peaks out her head.
I was so proud of Autry for knowing all of the verse and doing all the motions. Claire was just her normal self looking around and observing the older girls who were dressed as angels.