Monday, February 20, 2012

Snow day

This weekend Randy has a two day weekend...hooray! He hasn't had two days off since January 1st and 2nd so this was some much needed time. In the morning before church Autry and Randy called us girls into the bedroom and told us they had a surprise for us. "We are going to the mountain!" Autry yelled.
I was very excited but realized we now had 45 minutes to eat, get ready for church and pack all our gear up do the mountain. This may seem impossible ( I thought it was) but thanks to Randy we did it. At 12:30, after church, we headed up to Mt. Hood to play in the snow.
The snow was so much fun. Gibson at first was unsure. After awhile he was walking through the snow like a pro. As he walked he constantly said, "woah, woah, woah." Addie was pretty timid but looked super cute with the hat of her Halloween costume and afterward exclaimed, "Snow is fun mommy!"
Claire was by far the biggest shock! She was so adventurous in the snow and at one time was up to her waist in snow, she just kept trudging on through. When she walked through the snow she would call it her adventure. At one time when her, Autry, and Randy were trudging through some pretty deep snow she said, "This is sure our adventure in Odessey."
Autry of course loved the snow and was his normal boy self jumping of show drifts and sliding down hills.
It was a very fun day and of course there was a lot of talk of being in Narnia as we drove through the snow covered trees.
The night was capped off with some delicious pizza in Sandy and then a drive home with sleeping children. And do you know the best part? Randy still has another day off.