Monday, August 30, 2010

Daddy Made the Kids Swords

Autry and Claire play Narnia every single day. It starts first with getting dressed. Autry must have all his armour on, or he cannot play Narnia. This consists of jeans, a Carhart jacket, a ski mask, and boots. He will wear this even when it is 90-100 degrees out, until we tell him that he needs to change, so that he doesn't over heat. He also has a rope that he puts around his waste so that he can carry his sword around. Claire's clothes consist of a dress and boots. This is the must have attire for playing Narnia. Autry had a wooden sword that Paul Anderson made him when Randy and Paul were building our garden fence. Autry has played with the sword every day for the last 5 months. As a result the sword's tip had broken off and had quite a few dents and scratches. Yesterday Randy decided to make everyone new swords. Claire also needed a dagger because this is what Lucy had. Then of course Addie needed a sword as well.

1 Week Later

Everyone Loves Gibson! Everytime I don't know where Addie is she is with Gibson. She constantly wants to kiss him and give him hugs, its is really cute. Claire is so gentle with her new little brother. She is always rubbing his face and giving him kisses. She has so many questions about Gibson, what does he eat? why does he cry? where are his clothes?. She is mainly concerned with the fact that Gibson doesn't have any shoes that fit. Autry is the always helpful older brother. He puts his binky in when it falls out, covers him with blankets, and lets me know when Addie is trying to crawl on top of him. We are loving having Gibson at home with us.

Going Home

In the Hospital

Gibson Job Poor

Gibson Job Poor
7lbs 8oz 19 3/4 inches
8/20/2010 12:34pm

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Autry Falls out of his Window

Autry was in his bedroom today looking out his window, when he leaned against the window. The screen popped out and he fell out of his window. Thankfully, he just scraped up the side of his face. I saw it happening in slow motion and thought for sure he would have a broken arm or something. Praise the Lord he is okay. He sat with me for about an hour with ice on his eye, but for the most part he is completely fine.

It will probably look worse tomorrow, but this it what he looks like today.