Sunday, September 28, 2008

Reasons I know I am getting near the end...

1.) I am humongous

2.) I just climbed into the attic, threw down all toys, clothes, etc. that weren't organized and organized them

3.) I vacuumed the van tonight in the dark

4.) I keep organizing and re-organizing all baby toys,clothes, burp clothes, blankets, etc.

5.) I am WAY more spacey then normal
ie. it took me 6 tries (no joke) the other day to run my debit card at Trader Joe's on Friday, because I kept hitting the wrong button.

6.) I set up the pack and play with the bassinet (adelaide's bed for the first few months) tonight, just to know what it looked like all set up

7.) Did I mention that I am humongous?


Poor family said...
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Big Papa Poor said...

I say you jump on the trampoline for 10 minutes every night...that'll speed things up a bit.

Ann said...

nana says Saturday night would be perfect