Saturday, December 03, 2011

Advent Day 3

John 3:19
And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.

It is so humbling to realize that Jesus coming to earth is a blessing for some and a curse for others. If we know Jesus we have been called to recognize His light but those who have not known Jesus have chosen darkness instead.
During the Christmas season we see our neighborhood come alive with lights and decorations. As we look around and enjoy the lights I want to take time to thank " THE light of the world" for choosing me so that I do not have to live in darkness.

We colored candles today to signify light, and are making them into Christmas ornaments. Autry has been busy masking new ornaments all day we now have a ty fighter, Yoda, General Grievous, and Mace Windu.

On a completely different note, other fun activities included killing our chicken who wasn't producing eggs. Fortunately I was at work when this all happened. I had already told Randy that I wanted no part of the butchering, not that I have a problem with it I just can't handle those kind of things. I love the idea of living off the land but when it comes down to it I am kind of a wuss. I always tell Randy that there is a reason that I was not born in a previous century, I just couldn't handle it. I can barely get myself to eat our chicken's eggs. The first time I collected the egg and it was warm I wanted to throw up. I Sound like such a sissy admitting all of this but I guess it's good to be honest :). Anyways, the chicken was killed tonight and here is a video. You can't really see anything in the video, I pit it on here because hearing the kid's reaction is the funny part.

I will download the video tomorrow because my blogger phone app isn't letting me put on a video.

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