Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rooster Rock

Today was our annual church picnic and baptism at Rooster Rock State Park. Unfortunately it fell on the same day as the first Sunday of NFL football. This meant Randy and Addie were at home watching the games, but Claire, Autry, Gibson and I enjoyed the sun at the park. Autry wrestled with the older boys, climbed in trees, received piggy backs from his new friend Averi, and ran around like a wild man. Claire colored, played ball and duck, duck, goose with her friends Pearl and Brynne.  Gibson was cuddled and held by people or was with me in the ergo. We all had a fun time hanging out with our friends.
Brynne, Pearl, and Claire
At one time today these three girls wandered a little to far away. Brynn's mom Elisabeth ran after them to get them because I was feeding Gibson. ON the way back she was talking to them about how wandering away was dangerous because someone could take them. Claire responded, "Then Daddy wouldn't have his princess anymore and Daddy would be sad, but not mommy" 

Autry getting a piggy back from Averi. Averi's mom Willow told her that maybe it wasn't a good idea to give him piggy back rides because she kept dropping him. Autry said, "It's okay, I'm tough"

Autry giving Claire a hug, and Claire trying to get away.

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