Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Autry Falls out of his Window

Autry was in his bedroom today looking out his window, when he leaned against the window. The screen popped out and he fell out of his window. Thankfully, he just scraped up the side of his face. I saw it happening in slow motion and thought for sure he would have a broken arm or something. Praise the Lord he is okay. He sat with me for about an hour with ice on his eye, but for the most part he is completely fine.

It will probably look worse tomorrow, but this it what he looks like today. 


TheTinkLady said...

Way to get started (or dare i say continuing) on the scars are cool thing...sooooo glad nothing major happened! P.s. Miss you all!!!

la femme elisabeth said...

Wow so I guess you could say he wouldn't be a great spy? :)
Glad he's ok!