Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Little Christmas Tree

We moved at the beginning of December. It was sad to leave SE and the proximity of many friends, but we LOVE our Beaverton home. WE love the backyard, the color of the walls, our huge garage, and the closeness of all the places that I do my grocery shopping.
The move at the beginning of the month severely pushed back the getting of our Christmas tree. We weren't able to get it until the 16th, and we didn't want to pay for the regular price for a tree when it was only going to be up for a little while. So we drove out to our traditional Christmas Tree Farm Loch Lolly, and cut down a small little tree, then we went out to our favorite after Christmas tree Mcmenamis, Rock Creek Tavern, and enjoyed ourselves some happy hour hamburgers.
It was so much fun to watch the kids decorate our tree, it was just their size. They were able to put all the ornaments on themselves. We weren't able to fit all of our hundreds of ornaments up, but most of my favorites were put up. Having a tree the same size as the kids also has it downfalls, in that a lot of ornaments were broken this year. All in all it ended up being a perfect tree for our family, I think a little Christmas tree that the kids can decorate may be a new family tradition.

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